DW3 backing Stephanie Mills on a musical journey through all of her hits. FIRE! @PrettyMills1

Just saw the news about Gerald Wilson. Still processing, thinking, reflecting on his life. Had the chance to hear and to photograph him many times. Just saw him a few weeks ago on Central Avenue. Here’s a clip from 2011 on Central Avenue. Thank you for so much great music!

Skin I’m In ~ Cameo

One love, one people.

Madison + Rachel - A love story


I don’t gamble, because my life is a gamble.

Synthia SaintJames - fine artist

The Cam-Kam Show @ The Blue Whale Bar

One night in May last year with the Nikon D800 at the Blue Whale Bar in downtown Los Angeles, focused on some amazing young musicians. On piano, Cameron Graves. Kamasi Washington on sax, Ronald Bruner, Jr. on drums. This set features Ryan Porter on trombone, Dontae Winslow on trumpet, and Miles Mosley on bass. The video is rough and raw, but I love the way that it captures the real essence of the concert experience in a small venue. The D800 does not disappoint. The musicians… FIRE!

UCLA is taking a BIG hit today! Drake Stadium is under water. Prayers to the people in the parking structure.

Just purchased film for my Canon EOS 3. Kodak TMax CN, Portra 160, and Fuji Provia 100.

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