UCLA is taking a BIG hit today! Drake Stadium is under water. Prayers to the people in the parking structure.

Just purchased film for my Canon EOS 3. Kodak TMax CN, Portra 160, and Fuji Provia 100.

Opening Day of Camp JPAC 2014

A short video from opening day of Camp JPAC. Such a great summer option for children with special needs in Los Angeles.

Listen to what a few special needs parents have to say about the experience.

Prophet WALKER TEDx Talk @ Ironwood prision

At The Gracies in NYC with AWM

A montage of images from The Gracie Luncheon in New York at the Midtown Hilton. @AllWomenInMedia @TheGracies #TheGracies

Markham Renovation

Amiri & Maya dance again. RIP

Pink Pump Event To Honor And Celebrate Local Women

@arevamartin @SpecialNeedsLA #autism

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